Keeping Unwanted Energy Out

I have been asked several times: "How do I keep other people’s energy
out of my system or how do I keep from absorbing other's negative energy
into myself?"

First thing I say is: there is no such thing as negative energy.
There is only energy that no longer serves us or others. Then I explain
several ways they can keep other's unwanted energy out.

1. Ground yourself. 2. Center yourself. 3. Place a bubble of energy
around yourself.

Then the followup question is usually: "How do I do these things?"

1. Ground yourself: there are many ways to do this. In grounding
yourself you stabilize your energy and are able to release other's
energy that you might have taken into your system.  I will share some
    - You can use a tree meditation where you visualize roots coming
    out of your feet going deep into the ground like a tree. You are very
    stable and grounded, one with the earth.
    - You can picture yourself with your feet firmly planted into the earth
    up to your calves, thus grounding your energy and releasing the unwanted.
    - You can have a grounding cord coming out of your sacrum (bottom of your
    spine) going down to the center of the earth. The cord can be of any
    color and any material you chose. Mine is made of gold. This allows you
    to let go of anything that is no longer serving you and/or that is not

2. Center yourself: This is where you bring all of your energy back into yourself.
    - This is accomplished by focusing on your body center which is
    located at the navel or just below. While focusing reach out and
    bring all of your energy that you have scattered around. Example:
    you are thinking about the fight the kids had this morning, the work
    you have to do tomorrow, your conversation you had with the teacher,
    wondering when you can pick up the car from the mechanic, etc...
    Bring all of that scattered energy back into your center. Feel it
    all arrive and settle into your center and how this feels. I always
    feel more complete when I am truly centered and not so scattered all
    over the place. 
3. Placing an energy bubble around yourself: When you have the above two completed, you get to put a bubble around yourself. You might ask what does this do? It truly is a barrier to unwanted energy from the outside and it helps keep your energy from leaking out. 
    - The bubble can be of any color or material you can imagine. While
    concentrating imagine the bubble completely surrounding you even under
    your feet. The cool thing about the bubble is when you feel like you may
    have pocked a few holes in it yourself or someone else has or it has
    gotten too dirty from other's energy trying to get through just snap your
    finger and it will pop and be replaced by a new one right then.