Fidgeting in Class

K. Asked how can she help her son who often gets in trouble for fidgeting in class? You see he was diagnosed with ADHD last year and the doctor wanted to put him on drugs and I do not want anything to do with the pharmaceuticals.

There are several things that can help your son Mrs. K. You can give him something that he can have in his pocket that he can pull out and squish when he starts to feel the need to move. In the past I have suggested cutting a plastic fishing worm in half, this was not my idea I borrowed it from another practitioner, Julie Cook at, that way it fits in his hand easily and his pocket when not in use. Hopefully since it is small enought to fit his hand the other kids will not try to get it from him and if you talk to the teachers about this in advance, he will not get in trouble for playing with it in class.

Another item you can use is a vestibular disc which he puts in his chair. It is easly carried from class to class. This will engage is core and allow movement in the lower half of the body and allowing him to still stay focused in class while his body gets the movement it is craving. Most teachers will allow this in class as long as the parent has discussed it with them first.

Here is a picture of what a vestibular disc looks like. 

The third item that can be used is a kids sized excersice ball that he can sit on in class. Like above this allows his body to get the movement it craves while alowing him to sitll stay focused in class. This is the better option if the teachers wil allow him to have on in the class room. Of course it is not as eas to move from class to class if he has to change rooms.