What is Awareness


THE DICTIONARY STATES:a·ware·ness /əˈwernəs/ noun

Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. “We need to raise public awareness of the issue.”

This begins to explain what awareness is; however, it leaves out the real world, the day-to-day and moment-to-moment understanding of what true awareness can bring to one self. Awareness can bring one into the moment in so many ways. Awareness can bring true clarity to one’s life, especially when practiced with two other items: discernment and acknowledgment. Then you have true clarity.

To be in the moment (to be present), one must be aware with out judgment or opinion. That is why if awareness is practiced with discernment and acknowledgement, there can only be clarity about what lies before you in the present.

Example: Looking at your cell phone, one might start to think it is a wasteof time, with all the Instagram, Facebook, and the other distractions on it. However, that is living in opinion and judgement, not awareness. Look at the same phone with discernment - it is made of metal, glass, plastic, wires and circuits. Add in acknowledgment—it is a tool that I get to use as I choose to use it. It is what it is. Now we have clarity through awareness. Self pity, opinion and judgement fly away.

Awareness gives you the freedom to be you in the moment, free of reaction and chaos. May you live with awareness in the new year!

Writen by James V. Fix, CS, RM publisehd in the January / February 2019 issue of the Natural Life News & Directory.