The Gift

The Gift!

I was at a Reiki Master circle not to long ago and was, profoundly, reminded of something I have heard many times as well as have shared with people.

It was a very busy day for me and making it to the circle was a just in time happening. I like getting to these things early so I can take a moment to decompress from the day before it starts, however not today.

We had a twenty to thirty minute discussion before getting on the tables to share Reiki with each other. My epiphany happened when I put my hands on the person I was sharing Reiki with. She was on the table first and I was the practitioner.

All of a sudden I arrived in the room with a personal bang, in my body and mind. The rooms sounds, soft as they were, came alive as well as the energy in the place. Other Reiki masters were getting into their respective places, either on the tables or around the tables to share Reiki.

Being in the moment all of a sudden, everything just flooded in with such intensity. Sound, smell, feelings, touch, and energy of the place as well as my own. That I was so humbled by it and reminded of my place in all of the universe. The Gift once again was shared with me in its fullest affect.

What is this gift you ask and how can it be so impactful? The gift is being in the moment and experiencing everything it has to offer and appreciating it for what it is. Being truly in the here and now and observing it with all of my senses brought me to tears of joy as well as filled me with gratitude of just being.

There is a reason it is a gift and it is called what it is. It is being in this very moment being "PRESENT"!