Social Media

I was thinking about my Papa and my dad, men not from the same family,
what they might say about social media such as facebook, twitter,
instagram and the like. Papa and my dad I think would say, "Good if it
informs you and/or entertains you however for every minute you spend on
it spend 3 minutes reading. My dad would add read something that informs
you or you are passionate about. My dad always read what he was
passionate about, hunting or guns.

I will start putting my three to five minutes for every minute I waist,
sorta, on social media. My choice is to read what I am passionate about
and what fills me with joy. Sometimes reading to just check out of this
world and into another for a bit fills me with joy. Almost as much as
reading more about what I am passionate about, CranioSacral Therapy and
how I can continue to grow as a practitioner. This is so I can continue
to help other more and more! Thank you Papa and Dad for coming into my
thought and reminding me of what an import use of my time is. Namaste