Reiki 1 Retreat


Reiki is a natural method of energy balancing and healing using the practitioner's hands to heal on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Reiki is a non-invasive practice that can strengthen the body's natural healing ability, improve wellness and overall health, reduce stress and give a sense of balance.  It is practiced by millions of people worldwide.

Reiki I will teach you the foundations of the Reiki practice. In this class you will learn the hand positions, technique, history, and principles of Reiki. Reiki I will teach you how to feel energy and enter into a state of heightened awareness and develop your intuition. You will begin to practice feeling your own energy and the energy of others through the giving and receiving of Reiki.

In this class you will spend a significant amount of time giving and receiving Reiki as this will allow you to practice the Reiki techniques and hand positions while also experiencing the energy of Reiki in your body and of different people.

When you leave this class you will be comfortable with the Reiki practice and have the skills to give Reiki to yourself and to others.

The Reiki 1 class includes:
- A discussion of what Reiki is and the history of Reiki
- The hand positions for the front and back of the body (approximately 20 positions)
- The hand positions for self-healing
- Plenty of time to practice techniques on fellow students and yourself so that when you leave the class you have a real understanding of this new type of bodywork.
- Time for Sharing
- An introduction to Reiki 2

Class to be taught by Reiki Masters Jill Hermes and James Fix.

Tuition: early bird is $250.00 after June 1st it is $300.00 must be paid in advance to hold your seat due to class size.

What do I receive for my tuition?

  • Class Friday evening and all day Saturday, with events Sunday morning.
  • Reiki 1 Manual
  • Certificate of completion, suitable for framing.
  • Two nights in a cabin, camp style bunk beds. One cabin for women and one for men.
  • All meals included, cafeteria style. Vegetarian and gluten free available.
  • Snacks

The camp provides sheets, a pillow, a blanket, towel and washcloth for an additional $10.00 per person at time of checkin. You can bring your own if you prefer.

Prerequisites: Other than an open mind, none.

Preparation: Be kind to yourself, eat healthy foods, drink quality water, exercise and get plenty of rest.

Where: United Methodist Camp on the Northside of Flathead lake.

Dates: June: Evening Friday 21st, All day Saturday 22nd and sunrise trade Sunday morning 23rd. Day by day details are in the attached PDF. 

Classes fill very FAST! BOOK your class NOW! 

Register for Reiki 1 Retreat

You can contact James at (406) 210-9805, or via email if you need more information

Tuition is Non-Refundable.