James Fix is an incredibly intuitive and compassionate healer, he helped me get through the roughest few months of my life. I had a very traumatic accident and underwent major spinal surgery, but have had a quick and relatively easy recovery thanks to James. I always leave his office feeling relaxed, pain-free, and ready to take on whatever the world throws at me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help dealing with physical, emotional, or mental issues that are keeping them from living life to its fullest.
A.W. Missoula, MT.

Can't give Mr Fixit enough thanks! He is amazingly intuitive. So glad for sessions I had! -
G.C., Missoula, MT.

James has been tremendously helpful, allowing me to find my own balance and discover self-confidence and trust! If you are dealing with physical or emotional blocks, give him a call and see if he can help you as well! -
S.A., Missoula, MT.
Thank you, Jim, for the Reiki session you shared with me a couple of weeks ago. I really wasn't sure just what Reiki involved, but felt that I was putting myself in good hands and trusted the outcome. It was the most sacred, healing and beautiful experience I've ever had. I still carry the soul-deep peace with me. I could not have imagined how effective and gentle Reiki could be, and encourage others to try your compassionate caring. Thank you, again. -
C.T., Big Lake, WA. 

More Testimonials
Reiki I Classes
The group was a nice size of good people. Great conversation on Reiki topics. Instructors were perfect!
Conrad K.
I feel as if I gained a lot from this class - it gave me a great amount of insight.
Anna W.
James Fix is a very present, compassionate and kept the class on track for tons of material and experience.
Susie C.
More than imagined!
Michael W
Presentation was really good, with a great class. Thank you!
Lorne R.
I am so grateful to have had the blessing of being trained by James. My experience was incredible and I highly recommend James.
Michelle M-J.
A tool and skill all should be in tune with and this class is presnted in a very realistic manner.
Bret Ashley T.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki 1 class I attended with James. He is very energetic and knowledgable, it becomes contagioius! The class is comfortable and informative, plus the step by step process is very benificial.
Rolanda L.

Reiki II Classes
Nourishing, clear, experiential. James is very present + responsive to needs of students.
Susie C.
James brought great compassion to the class as well as professionalism. The day went by so quickly and 2 feel like 2 gained knowledge and skill that I will be able to use from today forward.
Nancy C.
I would recommend the Reiki classs to everyone. It's time to do something for yourself and start healing; help heal the world!
Corrine C.