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My Focus

I aim to help you lead a healthier, calmer and more enjoyable life. I practice CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki and Emotional Freedom techniques.

It has been my privilege and honor to use CranioSacral Therapy to help get the body in order for conception (both mom & dad), throughout the pregnancy and birthing process as well as helping with newborns and children.​​

CranioSacral Therapy is an effective light-touch therapy that supports the central nervous system, allowing your body to self-correct and heal naturally.

Reiki is used in conjunction with other therapies or by itself to treat the whole person – body, emotions, mind and spirit – allowing beneficial effects to occur, including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well being.

I also work with children and adults who are suffering with ADD/ADHD, autism and stress and anxiety- related issues.

Whom Do I Treat?

I work with adults, pregnant moms and children that want freedom from pain, relaxation, restful sleep, more energy, mental focus, clarity and calm in their lives.

Schedule your session today so I can help you begin the healing process!


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Did You Move
August 28, 2018

Did you just move your office?

Yes I did. I am now located in the Lewis and Clark Square 700 S.W. Higgins Ave. Suite #105, Missoula, MT 59803.

This is an exciting move. A lot to look forward to

Whereupon I expound upon the myriad of topics that cross my path!
Our Path
September 02, 2017

“You will get to your destination faster if you walk a straight bath however you might not arrive in a state of being to really embrace and get the most our of your destination by taking the easy way there.”